Dillon Transport is a Natural Gas leader in heavy-duty trucking.


We are 100% committed to supporting green initiatives and pioneering this endeavor in liquid and dry bulk over-the-road trucking via an expanding fleet of clean-burning liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.


We drive natural gas vehicles at Dillon to deliver our customers a responsible, less expensive and effective solution to transporting their goods.


2011 Oct:

Dillon begins operating a fleet of liquefied natural gas-fueled tractors. Opens first public LNG fueling station in Texas with partner, Clean Energy.


2012 Feb:

Dillon partners with Clean Energy who opens public LNG/CLNG fuelling station in

Seville, OH to support growing fleet of Dillon natural gas trucks station. Also key resourse for: FedEx, Frito-Lay and Pam Transport.


2013 Nov:

Dillon opens CNG fueling station operated by Clean Energy at its terminal in Dallas, TX.  Dillon partners with Trillium CNG and The Mosaic Company to open Florida’s largest public CNG fueling station in Tampa, FL.


2013 Dec:

Dillon buys 120 natural gas vehicles


2014 Oct:

Dillon expands its relationship with Clean Energy signing a multi-year fueling agreement to further Dillon Transport’s ongoing efforts on heavy-duty natural gas fueling. Agreement includes adding 3 new fueling stations in Houston, TX, Midland, TX and West Atlanta, GA.


2015 Jun:

Approximately 50% of Dillon’s 500 truck fleet are CNG and 60% of the miles driven are CNG.

Dillon plans to add to the company’s existing CNG fueling stations in Florida, Ohio and Texas with new ones in Colorado and Chicago.

2016 July:

Dillon Transport adds another fueling link with Clean Energy in Houston, TX.


2016 Dec:

In 2016 Dillon completed over 50 million miles cumulative on Natural Gas.

2008 Smartway Excellence Award



2012 Supplier of the Year-Sustainability

(Owens Corning)


2013 NGV Industry Achievement Award



2013 IL Green Fleets

(IL EPA and Chicago Area Clean Cities)


2013 Top 50 Green Fleets

(HDT Magazine)


2013 Green Fleets of the Month, Dec.

(Fleet Owner Magazine)


2014 Top 50 Green Fleets

(HDT Magazine)


2015 MLGW Blue Flame Award

(furthering the use of NG in Memphis)


2015 Colorado Green Fleet Award

(CMCA and Regional Air Quality Council)


2015 Top 50 Green Fleets

(HT Magazine)





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